Getting Started

"We are excited that you are starting your fitness journey with CrossFit RITE, this will be the best decision you have made for your health and fitness!

First Step:
Sign Up for CrossFit RITE

Step Two:
RITE OnRamp Course
Robinson: Monday and Thursday 6:30 PM
Cranberry: Monday and Thursday 7:30 PM

IF you need to schedule an OnRamp Course outside of the group times, you can set one up with a coach at the cost of $50 For The 1-Hour Session.
The OnRamp Course will properly prepare you to join the CrossFit classes at RITE. They will also prepare us to give you the best experience. During the course we will learn about you as an athlete and conduct assessments to better understand your goals, history and "Why". Our knowledgeable coaches will give you an introduction to what we do in our classes including, but not limited to:

- Bodyweight movements
- Olympic lifting
- Power Lifting
- Common movements (Rowing, Jump Rope, Kettlebells, etc)
- Warm up and Cool Down

All movements have scales and modifications to make our classes for all ability levels. Proper and safe technique is the backbone of this course to ensure your safety and success at CrossFit RITE.

For Additional Questions, Email Us