Getting started with CrossFit is simple at CrossFit RITE!

If you are new to CrossFit, then CrossFit Fundamentals is the place to start. CrossFit Fundamentals is a beginner-level program designed to prepare you to safely begin our regular group classes.

During each one-hour class, you will work in a small-group setting with a certified coach who will safely expose you to the core movements of CrossFit and will help educate you on how to make the most out of each workout. Each Fundamentals class starts with a warm-up, then instruction on specific movements and techniques and will end with a CrossFit workout lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Your first class is free and the remainder of the program costs $75. You get four fundametals classess, followed by two weeks of unlimited classes. To get started, please call 724-612-9643 or email to schedule your free introductory class.

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