Welcome to CrossFit RITE!

*Photo Courtesy Butler Eagle

Tired of the same old fitness routine? Ready to see results you never thought possible? Then CrossFit RITE is for you. We are not your typical fitness facility. Each class incorporates a variety of training methods such as weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running, and so much more. We use top athletic training techniques via a broad range of equipment in order to provide you with maximum results.

The end result is total body fitness. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect choice for any individual regardless of experience or age. By simply modifying the load and intensity, anyone can participate. Also, one of best parts of CrossFit is the friendly and supportive environment. At CrossFit RITE we’re a family, committed to helping each other succeed. So come give us a try.

If you’re new, then start with one of our beginner classes, CrossFit Fundamentals. These classes are less intense that the regular classes and offer extra instruction on the various CrossFit methods. Your first class is free for new members, so you have nothing to lose!

Remember, anyone can CrossFit...especially you! Let’s get started!

Workout Of The Day


Strength: Partners.  Pick one of the following: strict press, push press, thruster.  You have 6 min for both partners to find a 2 –rep max.  One bar.  Combine scores for total.

WOD.  Partners.  2 min in each station.  One partner attacks the reps while the other holds the static position.  You may switch at any time (but must switch if the static hold is broken).  Both partners must do 5 burpees immediately if the bar touches the ground at any point.

High Hang Power Clean (95/65) – P2: Hang from pull-up bar (scale, body row hold on low bar)
Front Squat (95/65) – P2: Wall Squat hold
Shoulder to Overhead (95/65) – P2: Plank hold
Bike (for calories) – P2: Front Rack hold (95/65)
Row (for calories) – P2: Deadlift Hold (95/65)
** 2 min rest between rounds (the bar can be put down)**

* Due to the limited number of bikes, half the teams will do the bike station before the row station and the other half will do the row station before the bike station
* Score: record total reps in both rounds.