Where did this myth come from?

Majority of myths come from the way professional athletes (on whom we like to bet) look. Muscular men and women do not seem very appealing to us and also make people think that this is how they may look after doing CrossFit. However, this is not true as well as other myths which we will uncover.

CrossFit is traumatic

Those who do not like this sport (or rather, do not know practically anything about it) even came up with the hate name “traumfit”. In any case, you need to start practicing under the guidance of a coach and work out the technique to the ideal, even if you feel the strength to immediately grab the barbell. Indeed, without preparation and perfection of technique, absolutely any kind of sport or training can be traumatic.

Only trained people can do CrossFit

One of the expressions of sport’s founder Greg Glassman is that even his grandmother could do CrossFit. And this is not a joke or an exaggeration. Any movement, any exercise in CrossFit can be adapted for a beginner. Moreover, as we said above, at first the technique can be worked out completely “in vain”. That is, without weight. And only then the working weight is increased so that the power indicators grow.

And yes, it is adapted even for children with the same purpose: to develop a growing body, increase endurance and increase strength.

CrossFit will make you a “rocking pitch”

The main goal is not an aesthetic goal, but a functional one – the development of strength, endurance, speed, etc. Exercises here are based not only on “pulling iron”, but also on many elements of cardio. Therefore, the first thing you can achieve with this training is burning body fat, losing weight, losing weight. That is why, according to statistics, about 40% of women are in CrossFit.

The muscles, of course, will also become more prominent, but they will also be stronger and more enduring. And then it all depends on what goal you set yourself. If you really want to get bulkier and build muscle, strength training workouts will need to be combined with a protein-rich diet.

You can not place bets on CrossFit

СrossFit is not only for keeping fit, but also a spectacular sport from which competitions are held. And if any sport has competition that means you can place bets on it.

So it is for CrossFit. The betting market for this sport is not as developed as for the other sports like football, but it’s only because it is a new sport. There are few bookmakers which give you an opportunity to bet on games.