How did everything start?

First held in 2007 in Carson, Los Angeles County, the CrossFit Games are now an international sporting event filled with local, regional and city qualifiers. Glassman and Castro organized the first CrossFit Games. Then they were like a get-together of athletes in the first no one even tried to bet on this sport. Now the games are gathering in the stadium, and it is considered the fastest growing sport in the United States.

The first major sponsor of this competition was the world famous Adidas brand. In 2010, an agreement was reached between the CrossFit brand and the Reebok company, which in recent years has experienced serious problems with the sale of its products. According to the contract signed between the brands, Reebok has undertaken to provide not only sponsorship, but also to popularize this sport in the world. Along with the growing popularity of this sport, so did the demand for betting on it.

Following was the announcement of the launch of the Reebok-CrossFit brand. Under that name, parent company Reebok will partner with Adidas to open branded gyms around the world, and Adidas will sponsor events to sweeten the winner’s cup.

In 2011, California launched the Reebok CrossFit Games open series, which was attended by more than 26,000 athletes from around the world. And in 2015, more than 200,000 people registered for the games. Simplified workouts for beginners have become an important feature of online competitions this year. Thanks to them, even those who started CrossFit just a couple of months ago were able to take part in the Opens.

How is it now?

CrossFit games are held once a year. Every year the number of people wishing to take part in Games is growing exponentially. The amount of prize money for the winners and strong sponsorship play not the least role in popularizing the CrossFit Games. It is also interesting that the participants of the competition learn about the program of performances only a few hours before the start.

Tournament organizers like to present athletes with real “surprises”, which certainly makes participants prepare for the competition in many ways. So, in recent years, the organizers of the Games included open water swimming, hand-walking and much more in the competition program. Unpredictability of tasks in the tournament makes everything a bit more complicated for those who bet.

Why should you bet on it?

It is a very spectacular kind of sport where everything depends on what exercises competition organizers will include. So when placing a bet you should look for an athlete who has good indicators in everything.

You should also keep an eye on previous years champions, the probability of them winning again is higher because they are more experienced. Remember, there are a lot of athletes for whom this is the first time participating in such big competitions, so they are unlikely to win. That’s why we advise you to place bets only on skilled athletes. Anyway, bet wisely and enjoy it.